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Ladder surfing

So we’re coming up on our one-month in Georgetown, KY. What can I say? With the recent addition of an AC unit to our kitchen, I’ll finally be able to run that oven at 550 F and bake some killer Margherita pizza.

In other recent news, I had the opportunity to show off my acting skills during a Behind Closed Doors session as part of Georgetown College Resident Director training. While it sounds a bit like an SVU episode, it was pretty tame. Although Bryan Langlands and I did try to use the tiny bunk bed ladders to climb out the window.

Really freaked the new RDs out.

Here’s Bryan practicing his ladder surfing1. I must say, he’s a lot better than me.

1 ladder surfing – verb, an invention of the Phi Mus. One attempts to climb a stairway to nowhere, ie climbing up a ladder until it falls out from under you and you break your neck or teeth.

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